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We have 50 days to build a digital forest for the future. Help us to build Treebank, archiving today’s trees online forever.

You need a desktop computer and a modern browser to experience Treebank.

You can still Add a memory to Treebank to be held online forever.

Follow the arrows into the forest.

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Help us to build Treebank

Imagine in 50 years' time what the landscape of the globe might look like. How many of the trees that surround us now will have become extinct or changed beyond recognition? Record your living memory of trees and help us to build Treebank, a digital forest for the future.

Help us to build a repository of images, voices and films from across the world, which form a picture of how trees shape our experience of the planet. These might include descriptions of a particular place and time, a rare and ancient tree or a common, but personally significant tree. These memories might take us to points of origin or points of discovery, might reveal world events or daily lives.

Add your memory now.

Public art producers Situations, in partnership with BBC Get Creative and the University of Bristol, are asking you to help us build Treebank from 6 May to 25 June 2016. Inspired by the artwork Hollow. Katie Paterson in collaboration with Zeller & Moye has gathered 10,000 tree species spanning time and space for Hollow. A new public artwork for Bristol, commissioned by the University of Bristol to mark the opening of the Life Sciences building. To step inside Hollow is to step inside a forest of all the worlds trees.

Find out more about Hollow.